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You can still get married now, it will be small, it will be short but it will still be your day! . . . These are our suggestions; they won't suit all but for some they might offer a solution. Check out our Witness Your Day Package for £250

We are certainly in strange times at the moment, very much in uncharted territory but that doesn’t mean we need to stop celebrating key milestones in our lives and sharing those milestones with our loved ones.


Years ago, we were approached by a couple who wanted to get married in secret, but they faced the challenge of needing two witnesses. They found this a tricky hurdle and didn’t know how to avoid offending loved ones by having to make that choice. It was their registrar who came up with the solution and she suggested approaching us to photograph their celebration because we are a husband and wife team and with two of us, we could take on the dual role of being their photographers and witnesses.

Now whilst this would not be the first choice for pretty much anyone reading this, it might offer a solution for some! So before you dismiss the idea, read on . . .

The secret wedding, we photographed was beautiful, it was emotive, it was heartfelt, and it was captured by us sensitively. Our role was to tell the story of their marriage so that it could be shared with their loved ones and give them memories to enjoy over the following years; it wasn't to gatecrash their special day or to pretend to be their nearest and dearest; instead we enabled them to exchange their vows and be legally married. For them, this is what they wanted. 


If you think this has potential for you, get in touch, lets talk and explore the idea together. Having us to photograph your marriage and bear witness, is one option we are making available right now to anyone facing the dilemma of do we cancel; do we scale down to five, or do we reschedule.

Over the years we have photographed many weddings that have been two stage affairs, a discreet wedding ceremony on one date followed by a banging celebration with loved ones on another date, and sometimes this happens many weeks or months apart. So, it really isn’t all that unusual to have two celebrations!

There is much to celebrate in life with positive moments to be found even during these unusual times we all find ourselves in. Can we help you?

Witness Your Day £250

  • We will photograph your arrival and capture your first look at each other

  • We will photograph your ceremony focusing on you, your expressions, the emotions and as many little details as we can

  • We will sensitively take on the role of bearing witness for your marriage taking the burden away from you having to make a difficult choice of who to choose.

  • After your ceremony we’ll take some beautiful portraits of you together as well as a selection of individual shots too.



Your images will be as relaxed and informal as you choose or if you prefer something more traditional, we can do that too or mix it up!


Within a week of your wedding you will receive your curated and edited  images  as digital files ready for you to print and use. We will also ensure you have an online gallery that  can be shared with your family and friends. 

Witness Your Day Package

Live Streaming your Wedding Day - price to follow

We are currently putting together a package to live stream your marriage ceremony across the planet to your loved ones who can’t be with you. Register your interest with us now.

The Big Party - Booking Deposit £250

Once these crazy and uncertain times have become history, you may want to have the ‘wedding day’ you had originally envisaged, or you may want to celebrate with family and friends in your own unique way. Either way, we can be there to photograph that too and right now we have reduced our booking deposit to £250.

Give us your Guests Photos!  £299

As it says on the tin! Give us your guests photos, whether they are taken on a phone, a DSLR, polaroid, any format! We’ll curate them, edit them ready for print and produce for you a stunning  30 page heirloom album to cherish.

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